Beaded cuff DIY

Inspired from icons like Cleopatra, Joan of Arc and Wonder Woman, this cuff is a must-have this fall.

Start with a colored  bead and tie to one end of elastic thread as a “stopper”.  String on an even number of gold and silver pony beads that measure to the circumference of your wrist.  Start the 2nd row by adding another bead and stringing it through the second-to-last bead in the 1st row. Add another bead and string through every other bead of the previous row as you create your 3rd row.  Continue this process until the cuff meets desired length, pulling tight as you go.  Once you’re  finished- connect by sewing the two ends to each other and tie the string to the “stopper” bead with a knot and then trim off the “stopper” bead.


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