Pearl and ribbon collar DIY (tank top remake)

We are fond of remaking ideas, especially t-shirts and tops. Here you can read how to add a little flare to your favorite plain tanks.


  • Tank top
  • 2 yards of gauzy ribbon (here: a gray and layered a transparent white on top)
  • Wire thread
  • Different sized faux pearls (here  3 different sizes were used) 
  • Glue Gun

1. First you need to create the neckline. I layered the two ribbons to give it more volume. Start by threading a pearl onto the wire, and then pitch the ribbon so there is a 1/2 inch excess and pierce with wire (see above pic). Continue this, alternating pearl sizes, until it is long enough to surround the entire neckline.

2. Once you have the correct length, tie the ends to make a complete circle. If you want, stop at this point and just wear as a necklace!

3. Next you are going to fasten to the tank. You can sew it on.  It is super easy to mange if your just lay down a inch of glue at a time. Any more then that and it can turn into a mess. After gluing all around the neck, go back and fill in any gaps with the glue gun to ensure it will stay put!

4. Let it dry for 30 min and your new embellished tank in ready to wear!


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