Bringing sketch to life (15 images)

An artist, designer, illustrator and simply a cool girl! This is Nancy Zhang with her wonderful artworks. Enjoy!

DIY Studded Bra Top

A fun and easy way to spice up an old bra from Ren Ariel Sano (allthegoodgirlsgotoheaven blog author).

Tech Necklace DIY

Cool necklace for a dangerous girl. Check for the full DIY in pictures below. A perfect match for this Steampunk bracelet or this Leather wrapped bracelet

Melon seeds eco-necklace

Yes! you can make necklaces even with melon seeds and it is super easy, btw it can keep your children busy for a while.

DIY flower pin

Here is a fun DIY to make your own multipurpose flower pin! It's a twist on a traditional blossom and the versatile pin is easily made in different sizes + colors. Cluster a couple flowers on the side or attach them to flower girl barrettes for a sweet DIY touch!


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