Nautical necklace DIY

Practice your knot skills with this nautical schooner necklace. Detailed pictured tutorial inside.

You will need:

  • ruler
  • scissors
  • super glue
  • cotton rope in navy and royal blue
  • magnetic clasp

1. Gather your materials and your tools. You'll need a ruler, scissors and super glue.
2. Keeping them together measure 18" from the end of your ropes.
3. Cut both ropes. This will be the base of your necklace. If you'd like it a tad longer or shorter on your neck adjust the length accordingly.
4. Lay the cut ropes flat on the table in the shape of your neck. With the end of the remaining rope thread the rope under the neck shape you've made in order to start tying knots. You'll tie knots from left to right.
5. Make a full loop around the rope on the table.
6. Pull the rope through to complete your first knot. Not so bad!
7.  Tight your knot and leave a few inches of rope at the end. We like the look of them a bit longer on this necklace. Like you just easy, breezily whipped this up on your boat at sailing camp.
8. Now that you've completed your first knot measure the halfway point on the rope. Mark it with your finger.
9. Tie a second knot at this halfway mark. Make sure your rope ends up pointing to the right after tying the knot.
 10. Tighten the knot.
 11. Make a third knot that lines up with your first knot.
 12. Tighten the knot and fold the remaining thread down and back on itself.
13. Knot your rope in between your third knot and your second knot, working your way back from right to left. It's a basic overhand knot but make sure your rope is pointing to the left so you can keep knotting.

14. Make another knot in between the second knot and your first knot.
15. Bring the remaining rope down and to your right You're almost there.
16. Last knot! This one goes in between the last two knots you made, at the midpoint of your necklace.
17. Tuck the ends of the rope into the second (rightmost) knot. You can loosen it up a bit if you need to do that.
18. Pull the ends through.
19.Trim the ends if you'd like. We just evened ours out a bit.
20. Add super glue to the interior of your magnetic clasp one side at a time.
21. Insert the rope ends into the clasp where you just added glue. You'll have to do some pinching to get it in there but a tight fit make the necklace more secure.
22. Repeat this process on the other end of the clasp.
23. Your finished clasp will look like this.
 24. There you go. Move any knots around. Tighten or loosen them according to what works for you. We ended up liking the look of softer, looser knots once we finished and loosened ours a bit at the end. 
Just a perfect match for this nautical rope bracelet.


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