Gorgeous Garlands templates

Use these gorgeous garland to deck the walls for holidays.

Owl bookmarks templates

If you like owls (like I do), now is really the best time for us. They are absolutely everywhere you look, they are swooping in everywhere: from fashion, jewelry and items for your home - there’s no escaping them.

An alternative budget Christmas tree

To manufacture this economical, ecological and simply wonderful Christmas tree you'll need dry branches, any kind of fitting rope and some holiday decoration.

Simple bow tie top DIY

This is such a simple project. Don't have much sewing experience? Give this a go - it's a piece of cake and any mistakes made are hardly noticeable because of the gather. You can make this project even easier by purchasing ribbon rather than sewing your own sash.

Handmade boxes with templates

Hemp Bangle Bracelet DIY

Some plastic rings that were once used on the curtains in author's family room + a hemp cord found in her daughters things and things finally start to come together into a beautiful bracelet.

Holiday star DIY

Easy tutorial in pictures.

Holiday tutorial: Pine Cone Wreath DIY

Deck your front door with this beautiful rustic cone wreath - a great idea to rethink the traditional holiday decoration this year.

Chic frames: an elegant decoration idea

how to decorate a photo frame
Use some standard photo frames, hot glue and flat marbles to make these adorable frames for keeping your sweet memories.

D&G inspired necklace

An easy-to-do necklace inspired from Dolce & Gabbana, perfect with a leather jacket.

Beaded cuff DIY

Inspired from icons like Cleopatra, Joan of Arc and Wonder Woman, this cuff is a must-have this fall.

Cork and wool coasters DIY

Get rid of boring stuff by decorating it! Check this photo tutorial to see the steps for making this cosy stuff.

Recycling plastic bottles: translucent earring DIY

Take one of the most commonly used everyday objects and turn it into an elegant, wearable creation- a sea-tastic pair of translucent statement earrings.

Vintage key necklace DIY

key necklace tutorial

Open all the doors!! To create: gather vintage keys in various sizes. Use nail polish in a variety hues and paint small sections of each key. Allow to dry and add each to a chain. Mix and match and layer as many as you like!

How to do some absolutely gorgeous pop-art clothes hangers (DIY)

Your cool wardrobe pieces could not hang on some boring racks. For a stylish person there should be style  in everything, even in small details. So come and implement this tutorial in life, cause it's really awesome!

Jewelry storage ideas gallery

We've already had a nice idea on how to make an earrings storage. Here you'll find more. Feel free to get inspired! (to be continued...)

Navy-Stripe Bottle DIY

An easy bottle decoration idea. Just cover with tape the segments what you want to remain transparent, paint the whole bottle, let it dry and remove the tape.

Nautical necklace DIY

Practice your knot skills with this nautical schooner necklace. Detailed pictured tutorial inside.

Customize your T-shirts (DIY)

 Here are some ideas what will give a new life to your T-shirts (5 inspirational ideas).

Add some rustic charm to your walls (DIY on how to make an original shelf)

DIY shelves
This wonderful shelf can be a beautiful display for your books, small trinkets and flowers. Cheap, easy and so clever!!

Rocking girl necklace DIY

Perfect necklace DIY for adding some danger to your look . For a really "bad" girl!

Leather wrapped bracelet DIY

leather wrapped bracelet DIY tutorial
An easy and time-saving DIY to make a cheap, but very stylish bracelet by the same technique used in this leather wrapped ring tutorial.

DIY: Who knew bobby pins could look so chic?

Bobby Pins earrings tutorial
Gather those bobby pins you have lying around and turn them into your new favorite accessory! With a little paint and a touch of your own creative flair, you can jazz up any outfit with these bobby pin earrings. Pair 'em with a simple black top for a a bold statement or add a little spunk to your favorite outfit. Best of all, you'll always end up with a one-of-a-kind pair when you DIY. 

Ripped heart T-shirt DIY

We kindly thank Anne for allowing us to re-post her wonderful idea on how to make this gorgeous T-shirt , simply perfect for any occasion. 

Leaves earrings DIY

An easy way to add some nice felt earrings to your collection.  Earlier I gave a nice idea how to store all this wealth 


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