A very delicate necklace DIY

A small handmade gift box

Simple, easy and adorable! See how to make this pretty gift box step by step.

Mini-Lamps DIY

If you've been wanting to show your special someone just how special they are, make a nice romantic dinner for them at home.

How to make a stone heart

Oh no no no! You'll never break this heart of stone ... - Rolling Stones sing in one of their early songs. And because we are all creators here, instead of destroying we'll try to make one. Let it be on our walls, not inside us.

Decorative embroidery hoops (collection of ideas)

The tambour frames are irreplaceable in our needlework, but they can be used as an original decoration for walls. See below for some interesting ideas of using them as decoration art pieces.

DIY Quilt tent

Your kids will love this cute fort. And it's so easy to do! Thank you, Kristin, for such a great idea!

Leather cut out necklace DIY

Laser cut clothes and accessories are very trendy nowadays. You can find them in Valentino, Marchesa, Alexander McQueen collections, but also in your jewel box if you decide to repeat this easy tutorial.

Greek dress DIY (2 easy ideas for a goddess look)

As long as I remember myself I wanted one in my wardrobe. For those like me here are 2 simple ideas how to make a Greek dress.

Ah! those Scandinavians!

We can't get enough of seeing just how functional and refined Swedish apartments are. Check this simple but cozy flat and see how these only 42 square meters was transformed into a dream home.

Bringing sketch to life (15 images)

An artist, designer, illustrator and simply a cool girl! This is Nancy Zhang with her wonderful artworks. Enjoy!

DIY Studded Bra Top

A fun and easy way to spice up an old bra from Ren Ariel Sano (allthegoodgirlsgotoheaven blog author).

Tech Necklace DIY

Cool necklace for a dangerous girl. Check for the full DIY in pictures below. A perfect match for this Steampunk bracelet or this Leather wrapped bracelet

Melon seeds eco-necklace

Yes! you can make necklaces even with melon seeds and it is super easy, btw it can keep your children busy for a while.

DIY flower pin

Here is a fun DIY to make your own multipurpose flower pin! It's a twist on a traditional blossom and the versatile pin is easily made in different sizes + colors. Cluster a couple flowers on the side or attach them to flower girl barrettes for a sweet DIY touch!

DIY hex nut earrings

For all of you who are fond of steampunk and like hex nuts and jump rings. A perfect match for Techno-heart pendant and Steampunk bracelet we already had seen. Check Leti's first but wonderful tutorial.

Polymer Clay Blueberry Necklace DIY

I want to give you a fun taste of blueberry inspiration. A beautiful fruity necklace made of polymer clay will make you look like a spring messenger.

Lilac Green Orange Necklace tutorial

Add a touch of charm to your wardrobe with this coquettish colorful necklace. Check the DIY's step-by-step pictures to see how to handmade the LGO Necklace.

How to make a sunburst mirror (DIY by Jacky)

For those who love designers' mirrors, but can't still afford them. Cheap and chic sunburst mirror for a perfect looking home.

Original PASTA!! candlestick DIY

Home decorations can be made from everything. We had ideas with corks and plastic spoons mirrors, there are no rules and limits here. But this idea is really unique - to use pasta for crafting.

Beaded Pendant DIY from Marcie Abney Carroll

This tutorial is simple, even-if-you're-not-a-beadweaver simple, says Marcie. You have below all the detailed steps, pictures and even cross-section illustrations, so you can also do it easily.

Spring bangles in 5 minutes

They are perfect, because they are easy to do, do not require much time and are absolutely gorgeous! Best fit for those who waited for this spring and who are already hungry for colors.

DIY: Polymer clay bow necklace

It's so easy to make this charming Lolita style necklace, just read on for the tutorial!

How to make a paper flower (DIY)

Ranunculus flowers are wonderful and now, due to ellinee, you can make them by yourself - remarkably appropriate for wedding decoration. 


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