Rocking girl necklace DIY

Perfect necklace DIY for adding some danger to your look . For a really "bad" girl!

DIY: How to make a cute wire ring

make a ring tutorial

Custom camera strap DIY

how to customize the camera strap tutorial
It's time to make something easy, but very special! Follow the directions below to jazz up your own camera.

Leather wrapped bracelet DIY

leather wrapped bracelet DIY tutorial
An easy and time-saving DIY to make a cheap, but very stylish bracelet by the same technique used in this leather wrapped ring tutorial.

DIY: Who knew bobby pins could look so chic?

Bobby Pins earrings tutorial
Gather those bobby pins you have lying around and turn them into your new favorite accessory! With a little paint and a touch of your own creative flair, you can jazz up any outfit with these bobby pin earrings. Pair 'em with a simple black top for a a bold statement or add a little spunk to your favorite outfit. Best of all, you'll always end up with a one-of-a-kind pair when you DIY. 

Ripped heart T-shirt DIY

We kindly thank Anne for allowing us to re-post her wonderful idea on how to make this gorgeous T-shirt , simply perfect for any occasion. 

Leaves earrings DIY

An easy way to add some nice felt earrings to your collection.  Earlier I gave a nice idea how to store all this wealth 


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