Rocking girl necklace DIY

Perfect necklace DIY for adding some danger to your look . For a really "bad" girl!

You will need:

  • metal cutting scissors
  • sheet metal
  • two different kinds of chain
  • two jump rings
  • chain nose pliers
  • round nose pliers
  • 18 to 22 gauge wire in color of your choice
  • sand paper
  • nail file
  • pencil


Use your pencil to draw out trapezoid shapes with very narrow tops in the size you want. Leave the top of your trapezoid 3/4 of an inch longer than you want it to appear on your necklace, because this is the part that will fold over to form a hole you can string onto the chain.

Use your metal snips to cut out your shapes very carefully. They will be a little jagged and sharp.
Once you have cut out all of your pieces, use the sand paper to smooth away all of the rough edges. 

Take your round nose pliers and fold over the skinny end of your trapezoid. Make sure to leave a loop big enough for your chain to fit through. 

 Take the flat pliers and flatten down the back of the loop.

Take your wire and wrap it around the top of the trapezoid making sure to wrap over the loop not inside.
String the shapes in any order that you would like onto one length of chain. This should be only a little bit longer than the length of all of the trapezoids.

Attach jumprings to each end of the chain and attach your second style of chain to these jump rings. The author used two different kinds of chain for different colors of metal in the necklace. But you can skip this step and use only one kind of chain for the whole one.
Add your clasp at the end and you're all done!

HandMadera note:  Try to make the necklace a little bit longer to wear it over the t-shirt. Be careful with the metal edges. They can be harmful.


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