DIY: Sweater with leather pieces panel

Inspired by a Galliano sweater.


- Simple plain sweater
- Leather and PU pieces in different colours
- Scissors
- Fabric glue
- Pins
- Template

You can print/create the template twice or just take a picture with the mobile to know how the pieces go once you start cutting all the figure. Cut the pieces of the template and fix each with a pin on the piece of leather/PU you want to do each, taking into account the combination of colours that will result.

Cut the leather pieces with the template. and, while you are cutting them, create over the table the figure to check if the mix of colours is what you were looking for.

Once it is all cut, place all the pieces on the sweater in the correct place and start gluing them, one by one, on the sweater following the glue instructions. When all of it is fixed to the sweater, leave it dry for some hours.

Maybe you'll see that some of the borders are not completely glued to the fabric, so, using a toothpick to can add some glue to these parts. Et voilĂ !


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