DIY amethyst mirror

Today we are going to make a beautiful amethyst mirror…

What you’ ll need:

• 11 inch round wood clock face
• 10 inch round mirror
• amethyst crystals (we purchased 200 amethyst pieces from BlissCrystals on etsy)
• Loctite Go2 Glue
• Silver spray paint
• 2 small eye hooks
• wire

Spray paint both sides of clock face. The back of the clock face will be the front of the mirror.
Glue mirror to clock face and press surfaces together. Allow to set for 30 minutes.

Using a generous amount of glue, attach crystal pieces around the border of the mirror, with some overlapping the mirror edge to conceal it. Let the glue cure overnight.

Attach eye hooks to back edge of wood (pre-drilling holes makes it easier.)
Thread wire through eye hooks and twist to tighten so that the wire is taut and not visible from the front.

Voila! there you have it, simple and so pretty! Best gift for those hard to buy for friends.


Update: here is an alternative, with different type of crystals, stones

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