Snowflake Print Shirt DIY


 It’s another of those simple but effective DIY’s! This time from Madeleine (

What you will need:

  • Spray bottle
  • Textile paint
  • Water
  • T-shirt
  • Paper sheets and scissors

Mix water and paint in the spray bottle. Try out the mix on some rags to see how thick it is and also how to spray it. Madeleine recommends you practice making some prints before moving on to the t-shirts.

Take a paper sheet, fold as many times you want (the more folds the more details you will get) and cut out some shapes in it. Fold open and flatten. Like we all did when we were children.

Take a shirt and and lay it against a flat surface. Be sure to cover both the surface you’re working on and put some type of protection between the front and the back of the shirt to make sure that the colour don’t bleed through to the back.

Start spraying, but do it carefully, the author started out in the middle and worked my way out to the edges.

When your done spraying, carefully remove the paper sheet and let the print dry. Maybe you'll have to iron it to set the paint completely (see the instructions on the paint box).

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