Yoga Mat Bag DIY

Big thanks to Kinsey for this easy and beautiful tutorial!


  • weaved rug 
  • leather 
  • belt

Pantry Supplies: sewing machine, scissors, sewing pins.

Begin by cutting the rug to wrap around the yoga mat plus two inches for the hem. Depending on how much leather trim you'd like, cut off the end of the rug and replace that piece with leather. Be sure to add extra inches for the hem.

Once you've sized the bag, stitch together the leather and mat. Once the leather and rug were sewn together (author's one measured 13x73 inches, but your bag size will depend on the length of your yoga mat) cut out a circle of leather that has the same perimeter as the width of the bag (author's was 13 inches) for the bottom of the bag.

With the outsides facing inward, stitch the circle onto the end of the bag, creating the base.
Next, create the strap for the bag with an old belt. You can do it like the author - so that the buckle would be towards the end of the bag, making it an easy, adjustable strap. Stitch this onto the sides of the bag.

Lastly, with the outsides facing in, hem the side of bag.
All done! Simply turn it right side out, and you're ready to use your new bag!


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