How to do some absolutely gorgeous pop-art clothes hangers (DIY)

Your cool wardrobe pieces could not hang on some boring racks. For a stylish person there should be style  in everything, even in small details. So come and implement this tutorial in life, cause it's really awesome!

Choose some fav pictures (full face, with shoulders) and print them on A3 paper (U.S. Equivalent 11.7 x 16.5 inches).

Glue them on the fitting peaces of paperboard.

The most difficult part - try to find the right place for the hanger's hole, make sure it is balanced and parallel to the floor.
Draw the cutting lines on the first piece and use it as a template for the next ones.

Using a paper knife cut all the needless parts like it is shown on the pictures.

The creative part - use some markers to put some make-up on your stars, color the lips, eyes, hair, their clothes (up to your taste).
And voila!! Your stylish racks for some light clothes are done! 


Update (for inspiration): BONUS for those who had the patience to read till the end and who loves cats :)

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