Polymer Clay Blueberry Necklace DIY

I want to give you a fun taste of blueberry inspiration. A beautiful fruity necklace made of polymer clay will make you look like a spring messenger.

We will need: oil paints, polymer clay (here was used Modern clay), copper wire and glue.

Knead into the clay mass the three colors - green, magenta and blue. We'll get a beautiful natural blueberry color.

Take a small ball.

 Form a groove on the ball.

In the middle of it make a small hole.

Expand the hole on the back of the resulting berry.

Put it on a twisted wire billet sticked on super glue.

Shape it and let it dry. This clay do not need baking, so it is easier. If you are using Fimo or other polymer clay which require baking you can do it before attaching berries to the "branch".

After you finish with attaching berries, use a dry brush with white paint to make them look alive. Then cover them with satin glaze. You can add also some gold bolts or gears to give to your necklace a steampunk style.

Source: rowan-craft.ru

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