DIY hex nut earrings

For all of you who are fond of steampunk and like hex nuts and jump rings. A perfect match for Techno-heart pendant and Steampunk bracelet we already had seen. Check Leti's first but wonderful tutorial.

Here's what you'll need for a pair:

  • 12 hex nuts, brass or silver colour (it is recommended using the smallest ones as otherwise the earrings get quite heavy)
  • small metal curb link chain (but any small chain will work, whatever the style) - 3 cm for each earring
  • 22  4mm jump rings 
  • earwires
  • flat nose pliers (prefereably the ones which are smooth so the jump rings won't be dented)
  • round nose pliers 

So here we go, step 1: Open the first jump ring.

Step 2: Thread one hex nut onto the jump ring, then thread the second one. Close the jump ring as much as you can. As the jump rings are matched to the size of the hex nut, it will be very small so no space to grab both ends with a plier. So hold one end of the jump ring with the plier then use the hex nut to push it closed. It won't close completely that's why I added step three

Step 3 (photo 4): Using your flat nose pliers gently push the ends of the jump ring together as close as possible.

Now you know how to connect the hex nuts with the help of jump rings. It can be a bit tricky at first when it won't bend around the nut as you want to, but you'll get the hang of it...

Step 4: Open another jump ring and thread a hex nut on it. (Don't thread the two hex nuts that you already connected first, because then the weight will pull the new one where you don't want it to be) Then once the hex nut is on the ring, connect it to the other two. Then you'll have two hex nuts which are both connected to one main one. Use another jump ring to connect the two hex nuts which are not connected yet. The end result should look like the picture below. They are all connected to each other, none is hanging loose :)

Step 5: Open another jump ring and thread one hex nut on it. Connect it to the other three. The important thing is to connect it in the middle, not on the side. Because when you start from the middle it is easier to connect the others than when you start from the outside of the triangle. In the second picture below you can see how the hex nut is connected to only one other hex nut. You will have to add another ring to it again to connect it with the other one next to it.

Step 6: As I just said in step five, use another jump ring to connect the loose hex nut to the other one next to it. Then as before open another jump ring, thread a hex nut on and connect it to the outside of your row just like the others. Again it will only be connected to one other hex nut, so you will use another jump ring to connect it with the hex nut right beside it. You can see it on the bottom pictures.

Step 7: Open another jump ring and thread your sixth hex nut onto it. Connect it to the corner to form a triangle. Again you have to use another jump ring to secure it to the hex nut next to it as seen on the pictures below.

Step 8: Open another jump ring!! Grab the end of your tiny chain and thread it on the jump ring. 

Step 9: Then take your now finished hex nut triangle and thread the jump ring with the chain on it through a corner hex nut. Close your jump ring as shown on the picture.

Step 10: Take an ear wire and thread the little chain through its hole.

Step 11: Open one last jump ring and thread it through the last link on your tiny chain, then thread it through the other corner hex nut.

Step 12: Close your last jump ring!

And you are DONE with the first one. Repeat every action for making your second  cool earring.

Now go and rock them!


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