Tales from the Crib blog shows how to post pictures on the wall (tutorial)

 I fell in love with this idea for decorating my white walls. I will try to do it this weekend. 

1. Choose the photos' sizes and layout 

2. Cut the needed size from the styrofoam block.

3. Take the fabric of your choice, stretch and bind it to the styrofoam cut using a stapler.

4. Use a spray adhesive to glue the photos on canvas.

Now it's ready for posting on the wall.
There is a great advantage of these type of frames - you do not need to perforate the wall. The styrofoam is so light, so it can be easily glued to the wall using a two way tape.

For more details visit author's wonderful blog: Tales from the Crib


  1. Please add the source to this page as this is not your work, it is mine. thank you

    1. Hi! All the necessary updates about author have been made. Thank you for letting me to reblog your cool idea!


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