Easy pencil holder tutorial

We need:
1. Paper Core x 1( from a cling wrap, aluminum foil, or kitchen paper towel in your kitchen, toilet paper roll)
2. Thick Cardboard x 1
3. Stash Yarns
4. Stash Felts
5. Masking Tape
6. Craft Glue / PVA Glue / White Glue

Trace the circumference of the tube on the thick cardboard. Cut the circle out.

Attach the circle to the base of the paper tube with masking tape.

Cut a piece of felt and glue it to the base with craft glue.

Leave it for a few minutes or until the felt tack on well to the base before you start to roll the yarn around the tube.

Start gluing the yarn from top. If you find the yarn is a little difficult to attach to the tube, wait until the glue is tacky before wrapping the yarn around.

After wrapping a few rounds, turn the tube upside down and continue wrapping.

You may change color of the yarn or just keep to 1 color.

Decorate the pencil holder with embellishment when the yarn is securely affix to the tube.

Wait till everything is dry, place the pencil holder on your desk to keep your stationary in it.

Source: www.craftpassion.com

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