DIY flower pin

Here is a fun DIY to make your own multipurpose flower pin! It's a twist on a traditional blossom and the versatile pin is easily made in different sizes + colors. Cluster a couple flowers on the side or attach them to flower girl barrettes for a sweet DIY touch!

Materials needed (for one flower about 3.5″ across):
• Scissors
• 1/8 of a yard of Satin or Dupioni silk in the color of your choice (amount of material needed will depend on the desired finished size of the flower)
• Lighter
• Needle
• Embroidery thread in complementing color
• Velvet millinery leaves (optional)
• Pin back or alligator clip

Step One: Cut out the petals. Start with 2 in the desired finished size (here, about 3.5”) and gradually decrease the diameter, until you have between 7-10 petals of different sizes. If desired, you could also use fabrics in contrasting colors for a multi-colored blossom.

Step Two: Gently singe the edges of the petals with a lighter. This creates a slight raised, uneven edge to the petals that give the pin a distinctive look.

Step Three: Tie the French Knots. Stack 2-3 of the smallest singed petals and using the embroidery thread, stitch a cluster of French knots in the center.

Step Four: Attach the top petals (with the French knots) to the rest of the stack of petals.

Step Five: Stitch on the pin back or alligator clip. Wrap (or sew) the velvet millinery leaves on the clip. And that’s it. Your pretty flower pin is ready to wear. :)


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