Hemp Bangle Bracelet DIY

Some plastic rings that were once used on the curtains in author's family room + a hemp cord found in her daughters things and things finally start to come together into a beautiful bracelet.

 For this bracelet you will need to take eight of the 1” plastic rings, 12 yards of crafters cord (hemp), and some craft glue. The rings can be found either in the knitting aisle or with the notions at most big box craft stores. They are typically used for curtain tie backs, knitting or crochet, or other home d├ęcor projects.

Then cut the hemp cord into eight pieces.  Each piece should measure about 1 1/2 yards.
 Take one length of hemp cord and one plastic ring and start wrapping the plastic ring using a simple slip knot.  After you make your first knot you will want to make sure you leave about a 5”-6” tail.
 Continue to wrap the ring all the way around using the slip knot.
Once you have made it all the way around, and have covered the entire plastic ring, tie it off with a knot.  This should leave you with 2 tails that are about 5”-6” long.  Repeat and wrap the remaining 7 plastic rings.
Now that you have all 8 rings wrapped it is time to join them.  First, line up your rings so your tails look to be in a straight line.  Take the tail of the first ring and wrap it around the second ring several times
After the first ring is joined to the second ring you will need to tie it off.  Bring the tails from the back to the front and tie once.
 Tie it once more time, wrapping the tails around again, pull it tight, and close it with a knot.

Note: Make sure all your knots are on the same side.  That way there when you join the first ring to the last ring all the knots will be on the inside.
Now that you have all eight rings together, trim away all the remaining tails expect for tail on the last ring.  Then take some crafters glue and put a bead of glue on each knot.  Wipe away any excess glue with a napkin.  This will help strengthen the knot and make sure that over time the knot does not come undone.
Last but not least you will need to join the last ring to the first ring in the same manner as before making sure all the knots are inside the bracelet and not showing on the outside.  Don’t forget to add a little glue to the last knot as well.  Let set overnight.

Check this adorable source: A Girl in Paradise

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