Add some rustic charm to your walls (DIY on how to make an original shelf)

DIY shelves
This wonderful shelf can be a beautiful display for your books, small trinkets and flowers. Cheap, easy and so clever!!

You will need:

  • 2 old belts
  • 2 wooden boards
  • small nails
  • a ruler
  • a pencil

1. Draw 4 lines - 4-5 cm (1,5-2 inches) away from the edges of the boards.

2. Make of your old belts two identical loops and arrange them on the pencil marks of the first board.

3. Hammer the nails on the wide part of the board along the mark.

4. Hummer the lateral sides of the board.

5. Put the second board into the loops and fix it with nails like it is shown in the picture.

Voila!!! All you have to do is to fix the shelf to the wall and to enjoy the new charming look of your room. Good luck!

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