Neon toe shoes - remake DIY

refreshing old shoes remake tutorial
 Perfect for party or everyday wear! You could use any color you’d like.


• Nude Patent Pumps 
• Pink Fluorescent Neon Spray Paint 
• Packing Tape
• Old Towels (to protect your shoes when you spray)

Tape Shoes. First you’ll want to tape your shoes. The area you don’t tape is where the color will be. Tape the rubber sole also - to get a nice, clean finish. You don’t have to tape the inside of your shoes, since they will be covered with an old towel.
Next cover the shoes. Take them outside and spray 2-3 coats on the shoes (don’t use more than 3 coats as the layers of paint are too much and will most likely start to chip). Then spray the color with a sealer to protect and so it won’t chip.And that’s it! You are done. :) The hardest part is making sure you do a good job taping, but otherwise, so easy. Take off the tape and enjoy your fun new shoes!


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