DIY: Who knew bobby pins could look so chic?

Bobby Pins earrings tutorial
Gather those bobby pins you have lying around and turn them into your new favorite accessory! With a little paint and a touch of your own creative flair, you can jazz up any outfit with these bobby pin earrings. Pair 'em with a simple black top for a a bold statement or add a little spunk to your favorite outfit. Best of all, you'll always end up with a one-of-a-kind pair when you DIY. 

Bobby Pins — Piece of Cardstock or Cardboard — White Spray Paint or Nail Polish — Acrylic Paint or Nail Polish (colors of your choice) — Clear Nail Polish — 2 Thin Pieces of Wire — Earring Hooks — Paintbrush — Pencil 


  • Clip bobby pins onto a piece of cardstock separating each slightly from one another.
  • Apply a layer of white spray paint or nail polish as a primer. Let dry and do the other side.
  • Paint pins your desired base color with paint or nail polish. Let dry and do the other side.
  • Lightly sketch your design onto both sides of pins.
  • Paint design onto pins with paint or nail polish. Let dry and do the other side.
  • Apply a layer of clear nail polish to seal the paint and add a glossy finish.
  • Create a triangle shape with the wires, twisting the edges together to close.
  • When completely dry, remove pins from the cardstock and run them through the wires.
  • Attach earring hooks to the wires and voilĂ !

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